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Almost all of us are eager to know the future and it is a common practice to visit some astrologers or sages to know about it. Kerala Astrology is a well known type of astrology among various types of astrology practiced in the world. Here, along with the birth date time and place the astrologer will also depend upon various omens and other incidents occurred at the time when you are visiting him. They claim that astrology is a science and it is purely based on certain calculations as per certain formulas. Along with the knowledge in astrological science, you require a bit of extra sensory perception too to collect signals from the unseen world to predict the future exactly. Omens and analysis of incidents happened after you have decided to visit the astrologer will help him to make out what the energy waves in the unseen world has in store for you. This energy is called as God. Various methods and rituals they suggest to come out of any problems you are facing currently have the ability to turn this energy waves in your favor. So, they can suggest rituals which suites all types of beliefs and religions. Kerala Astrology is not limited to Hindus.

Whenever we talk about Kerala Astrology, the first name comes in our mind will be that of PAZOOR PADIPPURA. PAZHOOR is the name of a village and the word PADIPPURA stands for the structure which stands at the main entrance of any old fashioned houses in Kerala, the southern most state of India. This structure differs in size according to the financial status of the family, but will have at least one room along with a gate to enter into the main house. This room at the PADIPPURA is being kept for giving shelter to strangers who may come for a shelter in night time during their travel on ancient days.

The PADIPPURA at PAZHOOR village, which is being considered as the abode of astrology has a legend behind it. Actually, the house which has become famous as PAZHOOR PADIPPURA has two patippuras. One is at the east side entrance to the house and other is on the western side. It is believed that the predictions made sitting in these two patippuras will turn true. The legend for this is going as follows:

There was a Brahmin who was an expert in astrology. Once he tried to check up his own horoscope and shocked to see that he will get out casted in the near future. According to Hinduism, Brahmins form the upper most layer of cast hierarchy and if they come in close relation with any women belong to lower cast they will have to face expulsion from his cast. He calculated the exact time on which it is supposed to happen and tried to avoid it.

When that particular day has come, he decided to be away from his house. He planned to spend the entire day in a river with his friends so that he will not come across with any women. They hired a boat and spent the entire day in river indulging in swimming and various other water sports. Sun has set and the darkness got thickened. Suddenly thick clouds appeared on the sky which covered the moon. And it started raining. They waited for some time to get the rain weekend. Unfortunately it got intensified and heavy storm also started. In that heavy rain and storm they lost their control over the boat and it got sunk. Some how, the Brahmin managed to reach the banks of the river. It was still raining and he tried to find out some shelter to protect him from the heavy downpour. He saw a blinking light in a nearby area and he went there. There he saw a PADIPPURA with a coat inside. A huge traditional lamp also was there and the light he saw was of that lamp. As he was so tired and trembling with cold he did not care to follow formalities. Without acknowledging the house owners about his presence he put off the light and slept on the coat. Midnight has passed. The lady of the house came outside the home and saw the light being put off in the PADIPPURA. She thought that it must be her husband who came late after consuming liquor. She used to quarrel with him over his addiction to liquors and he might have slept there without informing her about his arrival. Though she used to quarrel with him, she was in deep love too with him. So, she decided to sleep with him and went and slept on the coat where this Brahmin was sleeping.

It was cool climate and the Brahmin was fully soaked in rain. He felt warm when the lady came near him and hugged him. He forgot everything and enjoyed her presence. He woke up from his semiconscious sleep. However by that time everything has happened. He understood that he has committed the mistake which will make him an outcast as he has seen in his own horoscope. Realizing everything, he asked the lady who she is. With the voice she recognized that it was not her husband and she got frightened. Suddenly she lit the lamp and recognized that it was a Brahmin whom she slept with. She requested his pardon. Brahmin consoled her saying everything and told her that it was inevitable. He also added that the she will give birth to a son from him and he will become very famous all over the world in astrology. Then he left the place.

Years have passed. The son born to that lady has become a famous astrologer. People used to come to him even from far away places. One day one another Brahmin came to him. His wife delivered four kids so far and all the four were daughters. She became pregnant again this time and he wants to know whether it will be a boy child. Young astrologer went to that Brahmin’s house. After completing the necessary rituals and examining various aspects he predicted that it will be a girl child this time too.

At that time one old man clad in saffron clothes came out of the house. The Brahmin introduced him to the young astrologer as a pilgrim who is on the way to visit temples and came there for a shelter on his way. After exchanging the pleasantries, the old man told the astrologer that it will be a boy child this time. Young astrologer, who was confident about his expertise in astrology felt like got insulted with this prediction of the old man. He was not in a mood to agree that and challenged the old man. Then the old man asked the Brahmin to allow him to stay there till his wife’s delivery date and he will prove that it is a boy child.

Months have passed and the delivery date neared. The young astrologer came there on the proposed day. As all of them were waiting there eagerly, the midwife came out of the house told them that the she had delivered a boy child. It was really a shock to the young astrologer as it was the first time he failed in his predictions. He developed some doubts about the old man in saffron and asked him who he is. The old man revealed that he was the person who slept with the young astrologer’s mother on that ill fated night and father a boy child like him. The young man was really happy to meet his own father who was once revered as the most efficient astrologer in Kerala. After that night’s incident, he did not go back to his village. Instead he spent all these days in disguise of a pilgrim and travelling continuously visiting various temples.

Then the astrologer asked his father why he has failed in his prediction. He told that it was not his failure, but he was in a bit of hurry about predicting the gender of the child. He is not supposed to do it till three months of pregnancy is completed as it can change within this period. Then both of them went to the young astrologer’s house which has the PAZHOOR PADIPPURA. On the way, the young man predicted that they will get PALPAAYASAM (A type of traditional desert made in Kerala with milk, rice, sugar etc.) then his father told him that it will be burned a bit. After reaching home he introduced the old man to his mother. By that time her husband has expired and she requested him to stay with her for ever. Old man agreed. When they sat for lunch, she served PAYASAM too. However, it was a bit burned as predicted by the old man. Here also the young astrologer got surprised. He asked his father how it happened. In turn he asked his son how he predicted that they will get PAYASAM. He told that on the way to their house he has seen a goose came flying and sitting on a branch of the tree which has milk inside that. Then the father replied that the goose sat on a dried branch and hence he predicted that the desert will be a bit burned.

Thus they spent a lot of time in predicting various things looking at various omens. The old man stayed there for the rest of his life helping his son in his profession and one day he called his son and told that it is time for him to die. He should not burn his body after his death, instead he should burry it on the PADIPPURA on the eastern side of the house where he had met the young woman for the first time. He also promised his son that his soul will never leave that PADIPPURA and whatever predictions he and his coming generations make from that PADIPPURA will become real. Saying this, the old man breathed his last breath. His son buried the body as per his father’s wish. It is believed that the soul of that acclaimed astrologer is still present there and with the power of the soul the predictions are becoming true.

Younger generations of that astrologer started practicing astrology as a traditional profession and even today they are practicing it. Though they have made several modifications to the house, the PAZHOOR PADIPPURA is still kept unaltered and they are performing regular rituals there. Presently one Mr. Surendran is the head of the family and practicing astrology there. Many people are visiting him daily and it has become a necessity to take prior appointment to meet him nowadays.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Kerala, the southern most state of India is also known as God's Own Country. The eye catching beauty of nature here is not only the reason for earning this name, but also its rich mythology. The land itself is believed to be created by Lord Parashuram, the 6th incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The legend goes like this. Parashurama has to kill his won mother as he had to obey his father. Later, repenting on this act, he decided to give away lands to Brahmins( The upper strata of hindu cast system). He asked Varuna, the God of Oceans to provide him some land by backtracking. Varuna agreed and promised that he can throw his axe into the ocean and he is ready to give away the land between the point where Parashurama stands and the axe falls. Thus he throw the Axe from the top of Gokarna (Presently in Karnataka state and it falls on the point where the Kanyakumari is situated now. As per his promise, Varuna dried out from that place and the land created like that is Kerala.

Again, there is a legend that the land was ruled by King Mahabali, under whose rule the people lived without any agonies and problems. jealous on the increasing popularity of Mahabali, Devas, the celestial creatures approached Lord Vishnu and he agreed to help him. He came in disguise of a dwarf man called Vamana and asked for three feet of land. King allowed him to meassure the same with his own feet. Suddenly the dwarf man grown in size and with his two feet he has meassured entire earth and sky. There was no place to keep his third foot. Then the king showed his head and asked the man to keep his foor on his head. Thus the lord pushed him down to Patal (a world under earth according to Hindu mythology). Before sending hime down, lord gave him a boon to come back to his kingdom once in a year and spend around 10 days with his people. This occaassion is being celebrated as ONAM Festival even nowadays.

Thus, Kerala has a rich stock of mythologies where human beings, Gods, Eveil Spirits, Animals, Sorceres etc live together indulging in various activities. You can come across with a numerous incidents where all these people love each other, fight with each other etc. This magical land is thus called God's Own Country.

Kottarathil Sankunni, made the first attempt to bring most of these mythical stories in printed format. he took a great effort and as a result Aithihyamaala or the Chain of Myths has been published. The book has been published originally in Malayalam.

Here I would like to reproduce some of those stories in Aithihyamala along with more stories which I heard in my childhood days in English for those who can not read and understand Malayalam. Hope you all will support me in this endeavor.