Monday, July 28, 2014

Legend of Maruthorvattom Dhanwandhari Temple

Dhanwandhari, the God of Ayurveda, the traditional stream of medical science of India is considered a semi incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Out the Holy Trinities of Hinduism, Lord Vishnu is considered the one who is responsible for the maintenance of life on earth. Dhanwandhari is believed to have come out of the milky ocean when the Gods and Demons were churning the ocean for Amruth, the holy honey which can give a new life. He is believed to have come out with the pot containing Amruth. Lord Dhanwanthari is being worshipped by the Ayurvedic Doctors and also by patients to get the full effect of medication.
Lord Dhanwathari

When Parasurama created Kerala out of ocean, he entrusted eight families to take care of the health of the people living there. They are known as Ashtavaidyas or the eight doctors. Vellodu Moosu was one among them and his family was in Vadakkanchery in Trichur District. Later he shifted to a small village in Alleppy district in south Kerala. He was very efficient doctor and a single dose of medicine given by him could cure any diseases. In the local language Malayalam one doze of medicine is called as “Marunnu oru vattam”. This later got corrupted to Maruthwarvattam and the village came to known by this name.
After a few years of his shifting to this village, a feudal lord from Vayalar, a nearby place gifted him with the idol of Dhanwandhari as a mark of gratitude for curing him from a chronic disease. Vellodu Mooss started worshiping this idol in his Pooja room.
Maruthorvattom Dhanwanthari Temple

Years have gone and during the invasion of Tippu Sultan, another Ashta Vaidya with the name Cheerattumon Moosu also shifted to this village. He felt the divine energy of this idol and requested the then Vellodu Moossu to construct a temple and install the idol there. Both the families together constructed the temple and installed the idol there.
Karkkidaka Vavu, Sree Krishna Jayanthi and Dhanwanthari Jayanthi are the main festivals celebrated here. This temple is situated about 3 Km from the Cherthala Bus stand and just 5 Km from the railway station. Many devotees are coming here every day seeking the help of Lord Dhanwanthari to cure different diseases.

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